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Positioning Statement: 

For high achievers who fear falling short. 

For those who aim for perfection

but keep raising the bar higher. 

For those who need help

but fear the stigma of seeking it. 

For those who smile through pain

when the pain is too much to handle.

When striving for success drives one to the edge. 

When those on the up and up

find themselves coming down. 

When life throws a curve ball

and one has no practice handling them. 

When the need for success compromises happiness  and that unhappiness is difficult to articulate. 

For all the Stephys and their families.

Join the effort @              
You would be surprised who else has been there... and made it through.

The Stephanie Becker Fund Mission:

1. Promote parity between mental and physical health

2. Promote emotional wellness with a focus on the workplace
3. Eradicate the stigma asssociated with emotional health issues and their treatment

Key ​Strategies:

1. Effectively identify, reach, and help those at risk or in need

2. Empower family and friends trying to help those at risk or in need 

​3. Assist family and friends with the trauma and grief that accompanies coping with the loss of a loved one

​Target Audience:

20-40 year olds who are high-achieving, high-functioning individuals that are struggling emotionally (including those who may lack any apparent history of psychological health issues)

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